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The Casual Birder Podcast

A podcast about wild birds and bird watching.

Birding is a great pastime. It can be done with others or alone. You don't need expensive equipment; your eyes or ears are enough.

And best of all, it doesn't really need any great commitment. The Casual Birder does as much or as little birding as suits them. It's perfect for fitting into our busy schedules. 


Join me each episode as I:

  • talk about the birds I have seen, 
  • interview others who enjoy wild birds, and 
  • share comments and questions from listeners.


  • Facebook Group: 
  • Twitter: @CasualBirderPod 
  • Instagram: @CasualBirderPodcast

May 17, 2021

On May 8th 2021, bird watchers around the world took part in the Global Big Day. This 24-hour event encouraged birders to see as many species as possible within their local area.

The Casual Birder Podcast entered a team to take part in the event. Members of the team had a range of birding experience, from novice to...

May 5, 2021

Faraaz Abdool is the author of Casual Birding in Trinidad and Tobago. He is also a noted photographer, tour leader and active member of the global birding community.

This episode is an edited version of a Facebook Live conversation I had with Faraaz, in front of an audience from the show’s Facebook group.

Faraaz tells...

Apr 24, 2021

Suzy takes us on a solo bird walk at Malibu Lagoon in California where she sees Marbled Godwit, Caspian Tern and Snowy Plover.

Time stamps:

Apr 12, 2021

This week’s episode was originally created for International Podcast Month, September 2020, and released on their podcast feed.


Over the past year, many of us have been seeking solace in nature. As I have remained at home much of the time since the lockdowns began, my garden birds have provided interest...

Apr 6, 2021

In episode 95, Suzy shares the sixth of her audio diaries documenting the birds seen in her neighbourhood, from the week of Tuesday 9th to Monday 15th February, 2021.

We also find out what birds listeners were seeing that week.

Time stamps:

  • 00:00:00 Opening

  • 00:00:52  Introduction

    Past episode

  • 00:01:30  Promo