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The Casual Birder Podcast

A podcast about wild birds and bird watching.

Birding is a great pastime. It can be done with others or alone. You don't need expensive equipment; your eyes or ears are enough.

And best of all, it doesn't really need any great commitment. The Casual Birder does as much or as little birding as suits them. It's perfect for fitting into our busy schedules. 


Join me each episode as I:

  • talk about the birds I have seen, 
  • interview others who enjoy wild birds, and 
  • share comments and questions from listeners.


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  • Twitter: @CasualBirderPod 
  • Instagram: @CasualBirderPodcast

Dec 17, 2020

Suzy shares her birding moments during the second Lockdown in England in November 2020, including hearing her first nocturnal migration of Redwings.

Suzy admits to some photography fails and we hear from Stephanie Seymour in New Jersey, and Mary Chan on Vancouver Island.

Timestamps & Links:

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Nov 30, 2020

Danielle Belleny is a wildlife biologist, member of the BlackAFinSTEM collective, and co-founder of Black Birders Week.

Danielle tells me about her childhood experiences with Nature, how she became a wildlife biologist and birder, and why putting the spotlight on being Black in Nature is so important for us all.


Nov 18, 2020

In episode 80, I speak with Jocelyn Anderson, photographer and birder.

Jocelyn lives in Michigan, and started photographing birds around 4 years ago. Her award-winning bird portraits are absolutely stunning.

Jocelyn also films gorgeous slow motion videos of Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Nuthatches taking food from...

Nov 2, 2020

Tony Testa, Host of the Finding Subjects podcast, takes us on a wonderful bird walk through the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, in Philadelphia, USA.

Suzy tells us more about some of birds seen on the walk. Red-winged Blackbird, Gray Catbird, Yellow Warbler and Northern Cardinal.

Also Suzy gives us an update...

Oct 10, 2020

On October 17th and 18th 2020, the inaugural Global Bird Weekend will be held.
Co-founder Tim Appleton MBE tells me how this event will bring together birdwatchers from over 100 countries, encouraging people of all levels of experience to watch and listen to their local birds.
It is hoped that the event will break...